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  • Tracie Cantu

What's the Purpose of Your Content?

We've all been there. A team in the business wants to put their social event in the LMS because they realize the system can create and assign an event that people can register for. Then another team wants to put the company's guidance on email signatures in the LMS so everyone can acknowledge they read it.

To mitigate these scenarios, every learning system should have a clearly defined content mission that the business can refer to when determining if content X or event Y should be hosted in the LMS or the LXP.

First things first, ask your legal department if the learning system in question is considered a system of record for the company.

For example, if Pat is terminated for theft of company property and appeals because they say they were never trained - would this system be the one you pull a proof of training report from, especially if it went to court?

If you answered, "uh, yes," then this learning system is your system of record, and you should definitely establish clear guidelines for the material hosted within it.

Keeping the learning system focused on established types of training not only helps you manage content, but it also provides clear parameters for learners. If an employee knows that content in system X is focused on leadership, compliance and performance support, they have a clear expectations and won't search needlessly for the latest quarterly webcast from the CEO.

Don't know where to start and are looking for a template for defining your learning system's content mission? Access my "Mission of Content" template here.


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