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  • Tracie Cantu

Learning Technology Maturity Model

I started 2020 knowing that I wanted to map my learning technology team's progress to a learning technology maturity model. Maturity models are a great reference for allowing you to forecast what the opportunities and obstacles are in evolving a team, and allowing you to gain insight into the risks of maintaining current state as the business continues to grow and change.

Guess what? A learning technology maturity model independent of training milestones and metrics doesn't exists in any published form I could find or in any of the learning tech circles I frequent. Never one to be told no, I've spent the past 2 months researching IT, HR, and call center models, academic papers, as well as Bersin and the ATD Capabilities Model.

With that in mind I wanted to share where I am: I've created a Learning Technology Maturity Model that keeps learning tech into the L&D realm while not being dependent on training for it's success. I'm still in the early stages of fleshing out the white paper that dives into the nuances of the graphic below.

I'm sharing this to start the conversation in our community so that you can take this model around the track for a test ride and see how it feels.


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