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Learning Operations Blueprint Framework

Imagine a world where your L&D team is an integral part of your organization from the very beginning of each project, seamlessly prioritizing tasks in line with your business objectives. They have a comprehensive understanding of their skills and how these cater to incoming demands, while maintaining a clear, 12-month roadmap for success. 

Unlock the Power of Reliable, Repeatable, and Scalable Learning Operations

Our unique Learning Ops Blueprint framework enables you to create a bespoke learning operations system tailored to your organization's needs. With a focus on producing reliable, repeatable, and scalable results, 70% of your L&D team's work will be driven by formal operating procedures. This approach ensures rapid alignment with your business objectives through tools such as needs analysis templates, project intake forms, prioritization matrices, and service level agreements.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Innovation

In today's fast-paced business world, stagnation means certain death. To ensure your organization remains at the forefront of your industry, our Learning Ops Blueprint framework emphasizes that 20% of your L&D team's work should be devoted to innovation. This approach encourages the exploration of new learning methods, technologies, and strategies to help your organization adapt, evolve, and thrive.

Embrace Flexibility with Ad Hoc Adjustments

We understand that the only constant in business is change. That's why our Learning Ops Blueprint framework accommodates 10% of ad hoc work within your L&D team. This flexibility allows your team to adapt to shifting economic landscapes and realign with evolving business goals and OKRs.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your L&D Team

Empower your L&D team to excel with our Learning Ops Blueprint framework, designed to deliver exceptional results, drive innovation, and adapt to an ever-changing business world. Begin your journey to a more efficient, effective, and future-ready learning and development experience today.

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