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  • Tracie Cantu

WOL: Google Data Studio & an LMS

It started because I wanted to automate a frequent data request needed by my leaders for our quarterly and annual business reviews. I taught myself a bit of Google's Data Studio so I could ensure that the data was always current and that it wouldn't require a person to keep it that way.

In April 2020, my team enabled Google Tag Manager and Analytics in our Cornerstone instance. The wealth of raw data was staggering, and, we are still working on ways to use it. But one added benefit about the data is that it is continuously updated. With that in mind, I wanted to see if I could create a shareable dashboard around a few system stats. The dash is pictured below.

The question my team had was around how I was able to build in the latency data. I kept poking around in the Raw Data format on Google Analytics to help me identify what the data should look like based on field name. Once I found that I could identify the courses I was sold.

I went searching for title to see if there was anything I could use. Page title was it, so....from there I selected a metric of avg page load time. I then filtered out any page titles that were CSOD system related vs. course related. An added bonus is that once you have your table data sets selected, you can copy the table and then select chart type to change it into a graph to complement the data in a table.

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