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Writings, Podcasts, and Presentations


"Taking Your Learning Technology Team to the Next Level," ATD International Conference and Expo (2022)

"Leading a Team in the New World of Work," Learning Guild Leaders Forum (2021)

"Learn Anywhere," LeapHR Retail (2020)

"Diversity and Inclusion in Learning Design," ATD Austin Learning Leader Conference (2020)

"User Personas for Learning Systems," ATD TechKnowledge Conference (2019)

"How to Improve LMS Adoption," Learning Guild DevLearn (2018)

White Papers & Research Contributor

"Authoring Tools 2021," Learning Guild (2021)

Build Learning Tech Ecosystems: What The Literature Says 2 Years Later,” Red Thread Research (2021)

Overcoming Common Pain Points When Switching to a New LMS,” Learning Guild and Adobe (2018)

"Four Crucial Characteristics of a Compliance LMS," Learning Guild and Adobe (2017)


The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About L&D Careers, In The Know with Axonify (Aug 2022)

Breaking Down the Different Roles in Talent Development, The Talent Development Hot Seat with Andy Storch (Apr 2022)

"Community Hours: Interviewing for eLearning & ID Jobs," The eLearning Designer's Community hosted by Time Slade (Mar 2022)

"Loki Episode 4: Survival Mode,” ifyouaskbetty podcast hosted by Betty Dannewitz (2021)

"I Have Questions About Imposter Syndrome. Episode 21: Tracie Cantu,” ifyouaskbetty podcast hosted by Betty Dannewitz (2021)

Designing a Learning Technology Ecosystem,” The Learning at Large Podcast hosted by Elucidat (2020)

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